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Basic Spanish Vocabulary

Click on any link below to see the list of basic English vocabulary such as numbers, directions, colors, weather, directions, time etc. Memorize words in a list and take a quiz which will ask you to match English words to its Spanish translation.

Words are divided into categories and within categories, into groups. Practice each group before moving to a category.

Basic Spanish Vocabulary

Colors Colors 1 Colors 2

Days Month Seasons Days Months Seasons

List of Cardinal Numbers 0,1-10 10-20 20-100 100-1000

Ordinal Numbers 1-10 11-20 20-100

Weather Winter Summer

Time Time Duration Expressions of Time Expressions II Telling Time Telling Time II

Family People Family Relatives Relationships People

Personal Pronouns

Body Parts and Organs Body Organs Head Face Hand Foot

Directions Places Directions Places Geography

Eating out Restaurant Meal

Meat Fish Condiments Meat Fish Seafood Condiments

Fruits and Vegetables Fruits Vegetables

Verbs. English to Spanish

English verbs with Spanish translation. Quizzes

37 exercises will help you to learn 555 English verbs. Each exercise has 15 English verbs with Spanish translation. Study the list and take quiz. You will need to match every English verb with its Spanish translation.

List of Verbs is taken from Barron's 501 Spanish Verbs with CDROM and Audio CD

Lessons above are for Spanish Speakers who are Learning English.
If you are studying Spanish, you will find englishnspanish.com much more useful.