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List: Essential ESL vocabulary
Spelling Tests: Days Months Seasons, Time, Directions Places, Colors, Weather, Eating Out, Meat Fish, Fruits Vegetables, Family People, Jobs, Body parts, Furniture Home, School, Clothes, Animals, Math, Length Weight Capacity

List of Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers and writing English numbers
Spelling Tests: Cardinal Numbers, Ordinal Numbers

Countries and Nationalities List
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Most Common Words List 1000 most commonly used words in the English language sorted alphabetically.
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Adjectives, Verbs, Pronouns and other parts of speech - Vocabulary Lists

English Adjectives List Most commonly used Adjectives in the English Language. 730+ words.
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Alphabetical listing of 3732 English Adverbs divided into three lists.
Adverbs starting with: a b c d e f g h
Adverbs starting with: i j k l m n o p q
Adverbs starting with: r s t u v w x y z

English Conjunctions List 50 words. Conjunctions are words used as joiners. They connect other words or groups of words.
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English Irregular Nouns List Most of English nouns are regular and predictable in the spelling of the plural form. However, there are more than several nouns which are irregular in their spelling. Here is the list of 106 Irregular Nouns.
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List of English Prepositions 80+ words. Preposition is a word that relates a noun or pronoun to another word in a sentence.
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English Pronouns List Alphabetical list of English pronouns with definitions and translations.
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Alphabetical listing of 2209 English Verbs divided into two lists
Verbs starting with: a b c d e f g h i j k l
Verbs starting with: m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

Irregular Verbs English Irregular verbs are mostly unpredictable, it is hard to derive them on the fly as you talk. There are some patterns among them ( spring-sprang, drink-drank,...), ( blow-blew, know-knew,...) but it is still hard to use those patterns as rules. Here is the list of 168 Irregular Verbs to remember. Also practice spelling using test below.
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Advanced Vocabulary

100 Words Every High School Graduate Should Know must-have for every grad and perfect for building vocabulary.
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Most commonly Misspelled words in the English Language Any list of most commonly Misspelled English words would be arbitrary to some degree. Here is the list of over 500 words.
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Smart Words List 200+ words. A few more challenging or advanced (or smart) English Words for your English Vocabulary.
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Academic Words List
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About Vocabulary Lists

References and dictionaries are listed on every vocabulary page here. Use them to look up any word. Simply click on a word and an online dictionary with definition, pronunciation, or translation of this word will be opened in a new window. You may choose other dictionary and click on the same word to look it up again.

Most of the vocabulary lists here have also spelling tests. Use them! Improving your spelling skills certainly will increase your vocabulary.

Reading is one of the most effective ways to improve vocabulary. Find interesting book at Online Books for English Learners and read it regularly. List of references and dictionaries is also available there to help you.

You may also copy text from other web page, online book, blog or news site and use ESL Reader to read it.

Use Dictionaries while learning English online. It loads references and dictionaries in a popup window. Once window is open you can reposition and resize it to your liking.

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Vocabulary Quizzes - Word Exercises. Match the word(or phrase) with its meaning.

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