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{"DataListFilter":{"items":512,"list":"bee-adv","page":14,"pages":43,"pagesize":12},"DataListItems":[{"i":157,"k":"Hydrofluoric","v":"is of or derived from hydrofluoric acid. "},{"i":158,"k":"Hyena","v":"is a doglike carnivore of Africa. "},{"i":159,"k":"Hyperpyrexia","v":"is an abnormally high fever. "},{"i":160,"k":"Hypnotize","v":"is to put into the hypnotic state. "},{"i":161,"k":"Hypotenuse","v":"is the side of a right triangle opposite the right angle. "},{"i":162,"k":"Ichneumon","v":"(iknoomen) is also called the African mongoose. "},{"i":163,"k":"Ichthyophagist","v":"is a person who subsists on fish. "},{"i":164,"k":"Idiosyncrasy","v":"is a characteristic or habit peculiar to an individual, incident, or the like. "},{"i":165,"k":"Impeccable","v":"is faultless or flawless. "},{"i":166,"k":"Imprecise","v":"means not precise or exact. "},{"i":167,"k":"Incise","v":"(insize) means to cut into. "},{"i":168,"k":"Indubitable","v":"is something that can't be doubted. "}]}