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Vocabulary Lists

All vocabulary lists have references and dictionaries listed. Use them to look up any word. Simply click on a word and an online dictionary with definition, pronunciation, or translation of this word will open in a new window.

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Spelling Tests

To complete spelling test you have to spell every word correctly. More spelling errors you make - more time you spend practicing. Have your own set of words you need to study for your weekly spelling test? - use WordSpell

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Reading Help

ESLDesk online books are prearranged for easy reading by making each word into a link so you can easily look-up word definition or translation simply by clicking on it. Have your own text to read or study? - use ESL Reader

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Some notes I have been making when learning English. Basic guidelines and rules on adjective, adverb, verb, noun and pronoun usage. This page also features some grammar quizzes, mostly on pronouns for now.

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Common Errors

Common spelling mistakes and confusing words in English language. Here is a list of words which are often used or spelled incorrectly, such as Accept/Except, Affect/Effect, etc. You will find short explanations and links to quizzes.

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Spelling Bee

Three large lists of "Spelling Bee" words with definitions to study. Review the lists, use match-word-to-definition quizzes to learn the meaning of the words and then you are ready to take the spelling tests on each of the lists.

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Basic English vocabulary for Spanish speakers. Match English words to its Spanish translation. Words are divided into categories and within categories, into groups. In addition, there is a word-matching quiz on 555 English-to-Spanish Verbs.

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ESL Links

Resources on ESL Schools/Programs, Financial aid, College scholarships and Grants, Teaching English. And obviously links to online grammar and listening materials, vocabulary, quizzes, reading and writing help and more.

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Welcome to ESLDesk.com, a free site for English learners. Not being a native English speaker myself, I started this website a long time ago as an ESL activities page, and it's kind of grown from there. I do hope you will find vocabulary, grammar, spelling, reading and other resources on this site to be helpful in learning English Language and I look forward to seeing you here quite often...

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