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All vocabulary lists have references and dictionaries listed. Use them to look up any word. Simply click on a word and an online dictionary with definition, pronunciation, or translation of this word will open in a new window.

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Multiple-choice word exercises. Match the word with its definition. Words come from Spelling Bee lists and aimed at advanced level learners. In addition, some activities on Idioms and Business Phrases.

Grammar »

English grammar is not always easy to understand. Here you find some basic guidelines and rules on adjective, adverb, verb, noun and pronoun usage.

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Personal Pronouns, Types of Pronouns, Abstract/Concrete Nouns, Proper/Common Nouns, Gerunds - Present Participles, Identifying Adverbs, Who/Whom/Whose and other quizzes.

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To complete spelling test you have to spell every word correctly. More spelling errors you make - more time you spend practicing. Have your own set of words you need to study for your weekly spelling test? - use WordSpell

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Three large lists of "Spelling Bee" words with definitions to study. Review the lists, use match-word-to-definition quizzes to learn the meaning of the words and then you are ready to take the spelling tests on each of the lists.

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Common spelling mistakes and confusing words in English language. Here is a list of words which are often used or spelled incorrectly, such as Accept/Except, Affect/Effect, etc. You will find short explanations and links to quizzes.

English-Spanish Vocab Quizzes »

Basic English vocabulary for Spanish speakers. Match English words to its Spanish translation. Words are divided into categories and within categories, into groups. In addition, there is a word-matching quiz on 555 English-to-Spanish Verbs.

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ESLDesk online books are prearranged for easy reading by making each word into a link so you can easily look-up word definition or translation simply by clicking on it. Have your own text to read or study? - use ESL Reader

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Resources on ESL Schools/Programs, Financial aid, College scholarships and Grants, Teaching English. And obviously links to online grammar and listening materials, vocabulary, quizzes, reading and writing help and more.

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Amazon Best Sellers - Learning English. List of popular English learning Books. Top section has some free downloads.

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