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About Tests All spelling tests on this page are typing drills. You cannot complete the test until you spell every word correctly. More spelling errors you make - more time you spend practicing.

Each spelling test has a link to corresponding vocabulary list so you may review the words before starting spelling practice.

Each spelling test has a [Custom] option where you may select only those words from the test, that you have most trouble spelling.

Shortcuts to all spelling activities are located above and are accessible from any spelling page.

If you have your own set of words you need to study for your weekly spelling test - use WordSpell. The program is quite flexible in taking whatever text you enter and creating spelling test similar to any other on this page. Email me if any problems.

Common Errors Spelling Quizzes Accept/Except Ad/Add Advice/Advise Affect/Effect Ate/Eight Buy/By/Bye Choose/Chose/Choice Cite/Site/Sight Decent/Descent/Dissent Desert/Dessert Eat/It Four/For Here/Hear Knew/New Know/Now/No Many/Money Off/Of Peace/Piece Right/Write Than/Then There/Their To/Too/Two Wander/Wonder Wear/Were Weather/Whether
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