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{"DataListFilter":{"items":512,"list":"bee-adv","page":16,"pages":43,"pagesize":12},"DataListItems":[{"i":181,"k":"Jalousie","v":"is a window made of glass slats. "},{"i":182,"k":"Jambalaya","v":"is a dish of Creole origin. "},{"i":183,"k":"Jocose","v":"is given to joking or jesting. "},{"i":184,"k":"Juvenescent","v":"is being youthful; young. "},{"i":185,"k":"Kepi","v":"is a French military cap. "},{"i":186,"k":"Kinkajou","v":"is an arboreal animal of Central and South America. "},{"i":187,"k":"Klaxon","v":"is a loud, electric horn. "},{"i":188,"k":"Klieg","v":"is a powerful type of arc light once used in the movies. "},{"i":189,"k":"Kowtow","v":"is to show servile deference. "},{"i":190,"k":"Lacerate","v":"is to tear roughly; mangle. "},{"i":191,"k":"Lachrymal","v":"is of or pertaining to tears. "},{"i":192,"k":"Languid","v":"is lacking in vigor or vitality. "}]}