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Advanced level - Quiz: 18
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{"DataListFilter":{"items":512,"list":"bee-adv","page":18,"pages":43,"pagesize":12},"DataListItems":[{"i":205,"k":"Marionette","v":"is a puppet manipulated from above by strings. "},{"i":206,"k":"Marten","v":"is an animal of northern forests. "},{"i":207,"k":"Mastiff","v":"is a large, powerful, short-haired dog. "},{"i":208,"k":"Matriarch","v":"is the female head of a tribal or family line. "},{"i":209,"k":"Mellifluous","v":"is sweetly or smoothly flowing. "},{"i":210,"k":"Menace","v":"is something that threatens to cause harm or evil. "},{"i":211,"k":"Mendacious","v":"is telling lies, especially habitually. "},{"i":212,"k":"Meringue","v":"is a topping for pies, pastry, etc. "},{"i":213,"k":"Mesmerize","v":"is to hypnotize. "},{"i":214,"k":"Metamorphose","v":"is to change the form or nature of, to transform. "},{"i":215,"k":"Meticulous","v":"is taking extreme care about tiny details. "},{"i":216,"k":"Mezzanine","v":"is the lowest balcony in a theater. "}]}