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All quizzes are based on words from Spelling Bee competition.
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{"DataListFilter":{"items":499,"list":"bee-beg","page":10,"pages":42,"pagesize":12},"DataListItems":[{"i":109,"k":"Foray","v":"is a quick raid. "},{"i":110,"k":"Forbear","v":"is to refrain or abstain from. "},{"i":111,"k":"Frappe","v":"is a milkshake made with ice cream. "},{"i":112,"k":"Freight","v":"is goods or cargo transported for pay. "},{"i":113,"k":"Fugue","v":"is a composition in music. "},{"i":114,"k":"Furlough","v":"is a leave of absence granted to an enlisted person. "},{"i":115,"k":"Galloping","v":"is running or moving quickly. "},{"i":116,"k":"Gambol","v":"meanS to skip about, as in dancing. "},{"i":117,"k":"Gauge","v":"is to determine the capacity of or to measure. "},{"i":118,"k":"Geisha","v":"is a Japanese woman trained as a singer or dancer. "},{"i":119,"k":"Gerbil","v":"is a small, burrowing rodent. "},{"i":120,"k":"Gerund","v":"is a verb functioning as a noun. "}]}