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All quizzes are based on words from Spelling Bee competition.
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{"DataListFilter":{"items":499,"list":"bee-beg","page":39,"pages":42,"pagesize":12},"DataListItems":[{"i":457,"k":"Superintendent","v":"is a person who oversees or directs some work. "},{"i":458,"k":"Supervisor","v":"is a person who supervises the work done by others. "},{"i":459,"k":"Sword","v":"is a weapon consisting of a blade and a hilt. "},{"i":460,"k":"Tablespoonful","v":"is the amount a tablespoon can hold. "},{"i":461,"k":"Tabloid","v":"is a newspaper whose pages are about half the size of a standard-sized newspaper. "},{"i":462,"k":"Tackle","v":"is equipment, apparatus or gear, especially for fishing. "},{"i":463,"k":"Tailor","v":"is a person who makes, mends or alters clothing. "},{"i":464,"k":"Tale","v":"is a narrative that relates details or some event or incident. "},{"i":465,"k":"Talk","v":"is to communicate by speaking. "},{"i":466,"k":"Tantrum","v":"is a violent demonstration of rage. "},{"i":467,"k":"Tardy","v":"means late. "},{"i":468,"k":"Tattle","v":"is to let out secrets. "}]}