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{"DataListFilter":{"items":492,"list":"bee-int","page":20,"pages":41,"pagesize":12},"DataListItems":[{"i":229,"k":"Perennial","v":"is lasting for a long time; enduring. "},{"i":230,"k":"Periphery","v":"is the external boundary of any area. "},{"i":231,"k":"Perjury","v":"is lying under oath. "},{"i":232,"k":"Perseverance","v":"is doggedness, steadfastness. "},{"i":233,"k":"Persuade","v":"is to prevail on a person to do something. "},{"i":234,"k":"Peruse","v":"is to read through with care. "},{"i":235,"k":"Pesticide","v":"is a chemical preparation to destroy pests. "},{"i":236,"k":"Petition","v":"is a formally drawn request. "},{"i":237,"k":"Phalanx","v":"is a body of troops in close array. "},{"i":238,"k":"Phenomenon","v":"is a fact or occurrence observed or observable. "},{"i":239,"k":"Philosopher","v":"is one who offers views on profound subjects. "},{"i":240,"k":"Phoenix","v":"is a mythical bird able to rise from its own ashes. "}]}