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{"DataListFilter":{"items":492,"list":"bee-int","page":22,"pages":41,"pagesize":12},"DataListItems":[{"i":253,"k":"Poignant","v":"is keenly distressing to the feelings. "},{"i":254,"k":"Poinsettia","v":"is sometimes called the Christmas flower. "},{"i":255,"k":"Politicize","v":"is to bring a political flavor to. "},{"i":256,"k":"Populous","v":"means heavily populated. "},{"i":257,"k":"Porridge","v":"is a food made of cereal, boiled to a thick consistency in water or milk. "},{"i":258,"k":"Posse","v":"is a force armed with legal authority. "},{"i":259,"k":"Posthumous","v":"is arising, occurring, or continuing after one's death. "},{"i":260,"k":"Potpourri","v":"is any mixture of unrelated objects, subjects, etc. "},{"i":261,"k":"Practitioner","v":"is a person engaged in the practice of a profession or occupation. "},{"i":262,"k":"Prairie","v":"is a tract of grassland; a meadow. "},{"i":263,"k":"Precise","v":"is definitely or strictly stated. "},{"i":264,"k":"Prerogative","v":"is an exclusive right or privilege. "}]}