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{"DataListFilter":{"items":492,"list":"bee-int","page":31,"pages":41,"pagesize":12},"DataListItems":[{"i":361,"k":"Sleight","v":"is skill or dexterity. "},{"i":362,"k":"Sleuth","v":"is a detective. "},{"i":363,"k":"Slough","v":"(sloo) is an area of soft, muddy ground. "},{"i":364,"k":"Sojourn","v":"is a temporary stay. "},{"i":365,"k":"Solder","v":"is an alloy fused and applied to the joint between metal objects to unite them. "},{"i":366,"k":"Solemn","v":"is grave or sober or mirthless. "},{"i":367,"k":"Sovereign","v":"is a monarch or a king. "},{"i":368,"k":"Spasm","v":"is a sudden involuntary muscular contraction. "},{"i":369,"k":"Specter","v":"is a ghost, phantom or apparition. "},{"i":370,"k":"Sponsor","v":"is a person who vouches for or is responsible for a person. "},{"i":371,"k":"Squabble","v":"is to engage in a petty quarrel. "},{"i":372,"k":"Squeak","v":"is a short, sharp, shrill cry. "}]}