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Grammar practice - Identify Pronouns in sentences

View the List of English pronouns used in quiz sentences. Remember that many of the words from that list may also function as adjectives within a sentence. Therefore, before starting this exercise, you might want to take Pronoun or Adjective quiz to understand how Demonstrative, Interrogative, and Indefinite pronouns can act as adjectives. In addition, look at the Personal Pronouns Quiz and Possessive adjectives section of the pronouns page to recognize the difference between possessive adjectives (determiners) and possessive pronouns.

Identify each pronoun in sentences by clicking on it.
After completing this exercise click [Next Pronouns Quiz] button to get next set of sentences.

Find 14 Pronouns                                                                                          
A Pronoun is a word that stands for a noun.

I want to know who can help me with this exercise.

What do you know about pronouns?

Everybody can learn English Grammar.

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Whom did they ask for help with English pronouns?

Ask yourself, what is a pronoun? Are there any in this sentence?