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Grammar practice. Pronouns - Adjectives Quiz

In each of the following sentences a word has been highlighted. Is it an adjective or a pronoun? Remember that pronouns are used alone and adjectives have nouns following them (see explanation below)

Quiz: Pronoun or Adjective
Some words that function as pronouns may also function as adjectives.
Some may function only as pronouns.
I bought this grammar book two weeks ago.
Which test was the hardest for you?
Which car will she want? Which will she buy?
Several students have failed the test.
This is a quiz for ESL students.
Some pronouns, when used with a noun become adjectives.
As adjectives they modify/describe a noun that follows. As pronouns, they identify or point to a noun.
In the following examples pronouns that function as adjectives and nouns that follow them are [marked with brackets].
this, that, these, those, such
As Demonstrative Pronouns: I studied that.   This is a pronoun.
As Demonstrative Adjectives: I like [these questions].   [That word] is an adjective.

whose, which, what
As Interrogative Pronouns: Which did you prefer?   Whose is it?
As Interrogative Adjectives: [Which quiz] did you take?   [Whose car] did you see?

another, any, both, each, either, few, many, neither, one, some, etc.
As Indefinite Pronouns: Several are good at it.   I have a few. Both will be selected.
As Indefinite Adjectives: [Several players] are good at it.   I have a [few books].   [Both students] will be selected.

For additional examples please refer to Pronouns page.