Remember that pronouns are used alone and adjectives have nouns following them.

Some pronouns, when used with a noun become adjectives. As adjectives they modify/describe a noun that follows. As pronouns, they identify or point to a noun. In the following examples pronouns that function as adjectives and nouns that follow them are [marked with brackets].

  • As Demonstrative Pronouns: I studied that. This is a pronoun.
  • As Demonstrative Adjectives: I like [these questions]. [That word] is an adjective.
  • As Interrogative Pronouns: Which did you prefer? Whose is it?
  • As Interrogative Adjectives: [Which quiz] did you take? [Whose car] did you see?
  • As Indefinite Pronouns: Several are good at it. I have a few. Both will be selected.
  • As Indefinite Adjectives: [Several players] are good at it. I have a [few books]. [Both students] will be selected.

For additional examples please refer to Pronouns page.