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Grammar practice - Pronouns Types

There are Different Types of Pronouns

For detailed explanation and examples of the types of pronouns refer to Pronouns page.

Demonstrative Pronouns - point out a specific persons, animals, places, things or ideas.
Personal Pronouns - stand in for people, places, things and ideas.
Indefinite Pronouns – replace nouns without specifying which noun they replace.
Intensive Pronouns - emphasize (intensify) a noun or another pronoun.
Interrogative Pronouns – used to begin or introduce interrogative sentences.
Reciprocal Pronouns - show a mutual relationship.
Reflexive Pronouns – point back to the subject of the sentence.
Relative Pronouns - begin a subordinate clause and connect it to another noun that precedes it.

Quiz: Pronoun Types
In each of the following sentences a pronoun has been highlighted.
What type of pronoun is it?       After completing this exercise click [Next Quiz] to get next set of sentences.
The noun, which the pronoun replaces, is called its antecedent.
They themselves completed the exercise.
What do you know about pronouns?
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Ask yourself, what is a pronoun?