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Grammar practice Who – Whom – Whose

The pronoun who, in the English Grammar, is the interrogative and relative pronoun that is used to refer to human beings and some animals perceived as sentient. wikipedia
Other pronouns in these groups ( which, that, what, whatever, whichever, etc) do not change forms across case, person, gender, and number, but who does change form with case.

Nominative / SubjectiveObjective Possessive
whowhom whose
Who took my car?
I want to know who did that.
With whom are we meeting?
To whom do you wish to speak?
Whose car is it?
I forgot whose phone it was.

Note: Whose (possessive form of who) is used as an adjective in some quiz sentences.

Choose the correct form of the pronoun Who
grammar book is on the table?
Mr. Smith, studied English abroad, is my teacher.
did you ask for help with English pronouns?
I want to know can help me with this exercise.
I don't know he asked to take a quiz.
I met the person English was perfect.