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{"DataListFilter":{"items":150,"list":"businessjargon","page":1,"pages":15,"pagesize":10},"DataListItems":[{"i":1,"k":"800-pound gorilla","v":"Convey the idea with more style by saying a force to be reckoned with."},{"i":2,"k":"Actionable","v":"An actionable item is one you can take action on. Whether the action is desirable is another story. For that reason, an item may be more clearly described as practical, useful, realistic or workable."},{"i":3,"k":"Action item","v":"What's the difference between an action and an action item? Other than word count - none."},{"i":4,"k":"Aha moment","v":"A trendy way of saying you just discovered something important. Suitable substitutes include revelation and insight. (Aside: Would an aha moment in a sushi bar be an ahi moment?)"},{"i":5,"k":"Around","v":"Don't have a discussion around an issue; have a discussion about an issue."},{"i":6,"k":"ASAP","v":"This means you're in panic mode; you need it so fast you don't even know when you need it!! Spare us the theatrics and just provide a due date."},{"i":7,"k":"At the end of the day","v":"Any time you write this phrase, your next step is to delete it."},{"i":8,"k":"Awesome","v":"If you're describing the Grand Canyon or the dimensions of the universe, awesome is fine. Otherwise, find a less sensational (i.e., more realistic) adjective, such as outstanding or exceptional."},{"i":9,"k":"Baked in","v":"Instead of saying that a given possibility or fact is baked into something, say it is accounted for."},{"i":10,"k":"Balls in the air","v":"Sound less like a carnival act and more like a business professional by saying that you are busy or have several projects underway."}]}