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{"DataListFilter":{"items":150,"list":"businessjargon","page":2,"pages":15,"pagesize":10},"DataListItems":[{"i":11,"k":"Bandwidth","v":"This is a euphemism to make we don't have time sound like it's part of the plan. If you simply say you don't have the time or resources, people will respect your frankness."},{"i":12,"k":"Bells and whistles","v":"These are fancy features added to a product or service to entice prospects. Since bells and whistles suggests unnecessary features, avoid the phrase when talking about your own products."},{"i":13,"k":"Best of breed","v":"\"Of breed\" adds nothing to \"best.\" Just say you're the best."},{"i":14,"k":"Best regards","v":"How lucky am I to receive your best regards rather than only your regular regards! Don't be pretentious; stick with regards."},{"i":15,"k":"Big bang for the buck","v":"A sleazy fast-talker's way of saying this or that product or service has exceptionally high value."},{"i":16,"k":"Bleeding edge","v":"With so many companies on the bleeding edge, it's no wonder the economy is hemorrhaging. Overstatements such as this inspire skepticism. Instead, talk about your groundbreaking business model or new approach."},{"i":17,"k":"Boil the ocean","v":"To boil the ocean is to waste time. Since not everybody knows this, don't force readers to boil the ocean trying to figure it out."},{"i":18,"k":"Brain dump","v":"Brain dump is an overly casual way of saying we'll teach you. (At the pretentious extreme, we engage in knowledge transfer.)"},{"i":19,"k":"Brain surgery","v":"This isn't brain surgery has been so overused it carries comical overtones the author may not intend. Better to operate with a straightforward word like complicated."},{"i":20,"k":"Brick and mortar","v":"Physical locations are best described as such."}]}