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{"DataListFilter":{"items":150,"list":"businessjargon","page":3,"pages":15,"pagesize":10},"DataListItems":[{"i":21,"k":"Bring to the table","v":"This is an overused way of saying a person contributes this or that specific thing to a project or work group."},{"i":22,"k":"Business case","v":"Redundant. If you're talking business, you should simply say case."},{"i":23,"k":"Buy-in","v":"Try support or agreement instead."},{"i":24,"k":"Champion (as a verb)","v":"Replace with support, defend or perhaps spearhead."},{"i":25,"k":"Change agent","v":"A change agent is either a person who works at a toll both or a consultant with a mighty high opinion of himself. Personally, I'd prefer to develop and implement new ideas with the former rather than the latter."},{"i":26,"k":"Check the box","v":"Replace with complete the task."},{"i":27,"k":"Circle back","v":"A roundabout way of saying discuss later that belongs in the circular file."},{"i":28,"k":"Circular file","v":"Wastebasket."},{"i":29,"k":"Compelling","v":"Overused! A 90 percent discount is compelling, but a 5 percent discount is merely interesting. Don't describe something as compelling unless it is."},{"i":30,"k":"Competitive advantage","v":"This phrase is a puffed up, boardroom-y way of saying your company excels at something."}]}