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{"DataListFilter":{"items":150,"list":"businessjargon","page":4,"pages":15,"pagesize":10},"DataListItems":[{"i":31,"k":"Content is king","v":"A massively overused metaphor that lets people know you don't understand content. Why? Because king metaphors apply when a clear, measurable hierarchy exists; e.g., The blueberry is the king of antioxidants. Content is one element of a complex marketing system in which all components have unique and essential value. Homework and discussion: What is a simple metaphor for that?"},{"i":32,"k":"Contrarian","v":"A contrarian is someone who thinks and acts contrary to public opinion. Be careful how you use this, because contrarianism can be seen as a big negative. It's also worth noting that self-described contrarians sometimes turn out merely to be raving lunatics."},{"i":33,"k":"Core competencies","v":"A fancy way of saying we're good at this. There's nothing wrong with saying we specialize in this, or we excel at this."},{"i":34,"k":"Corporate culture","v":"Small businesses overreach when they claim to have a culture. It's more realistic, honest and believable to say you have a particular kind of environment or atmosphere."},{"i":35,"k":"Cross-training","v":"A sales trainee spending an hour watching an accounts receivable clerk file invoices is not cross-training. Use this phrase only if you have a serious, comprehensive and documented training program."},{"i":36,"k":"Cutting edge","v":"See bleeding edge."},{"i":37,"k":"Deck","v":"Some people know that a deck is a slide presentation. Everybody else will think you're not playing with a full one."},{"i":38,"k":"Deep dive","v":"Overuse has sunk this way of describing a thorough analysis. Try explore, analyze, or the soon-to-be-overused unpack."},{"i":39,"k":"Deliverable","v":"Agency-speak for work product or output. Because deliverable is necessarily vague, avoid it as much as possible, and instead describe the things your client will receive from you."},{"i":40,"k":"Dialog (as a verb)","v":"Don't dialog with someone; talk to him or her."}]}