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{"DataListFilter":{"items":150,"list":"businessjargon","page":5,"pages":15,"pagesize":10},"DataListItems":[{"i":41,"k":"Disambiguate","v":"The word you're looking for is clarify."},{"i":42,"k":"Disconnect (as a noun)","v":"This word is not only overused, it's also vague. Does disconnect imply a difference of opinion or just a misunderstanding? Clear up the confusion by using the former or latter."},{"i":43,"k":"Disruptive","v":"If a product or business model is truly disruptive, you don't need to describe it as such; it will speak for itself."},{"i":44,"k":"Drill down","v":"Replace with look more closely at."},{"i":45,"k":"Drink the Kool-Aid","v":"This phrase was gruesomely powerful in the 80s, when the Jonestown Massacre was fresh in people's minds. With overuse, the phrase has become vague: Does it mean a person is a fanatic, believes in something evil, or just toes the company line? Think about what you really mean and use a more precise description."},{"i":46,"k":"Drop dead date","v":"This phrase is sometimes used as a bluff to get staffers or clients moving. Use it too often and people will stop taking you seriously."},{"i":47,"k":"Ducks in a row","v":"A silly way of saying we're ready or organized."},{"i":48,"k":"Ecosystem","v":"Ecosystem can describe Microsoft Windows or Apple, where users have deep and broad interaction with products and services in a closed system. For the most part, however, ecosystem is an overreach. In most business situations, ecosystems are merely systems or networks or product groups."},{"i":49,"k":"Empower","v":"Better options are assign responsibility or delegate responsibility. Besides being overused, empower has a bad business vibe, as it suggests class warfare."},{"i":50,"k":"Epic (as an adjective)","v":"Epic describes something of heroic, sweeping proportions. Applying the word to business content or situations is an epic overstatement that serious-minded people won't take seriously. A simple adjective like useful or memorable carries more weight."}]}