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{"DataListFilter":{"items":150,"list":"businessjargon","page":6,"pages":15,"pagesize":10},"DataListItems":[{"i":51,"k":"Evangelist","v":"A generous, one-sentence Yelp review does not an evangelist make. Evangelism takes fiery passion and sustained, unsolicited effort. Too often businesses describe as evangelists those who are loyal customers or casual fans of the brand."},{"i":52,"k":"Evolve","v":"More precisely stated, a business plan or relationship develops, strengthens or grows in complexity or size."},{"i":53,"k":"Execute","v":"Fancy words won't get you fancy fees. Instead of saying we'll execute the task, just say we'll do it."},{"i":54,"k":"Fish or cut bait","v":"Scale back this reel bad jargon and say make a decision."},{"i":55,"k":"Frictionless","v":"Overstatement. Friction has to do with change, and what type of business change has ever occurred without friction? If you say something can take place with minimal friction, you'll be much more accurate and believable."},{"i":56,"k":"Functionality","v":"Instead of multi-user functionality, try supports multiple users. The latter phrasing is easier to read and contains an action verb rather than a bland, corporate compound noun."},{"i":57,"k":"Game changer","v":"Whereas paradigm shift is too formal, game changer is too casual. Instead of either of these, meet in the middle with significant change or fundamental change."},{"i":58,"k":"Get on board","v":"See buy-in."},{"i":59,"k":"Give 110%","v":"At this rate, by 2020 we'll have to give 250% to demonstrate our commitment. C'mon: 100% - i.e., everything - should be sufficient."},{"i":60,"k":"Going forward","v":"For the most part, this phrase can be eliminated: Going forward, we will hire 10 people."}]}