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{"DataListFilter":{"items":150,"list":"businessjargon","page":7,"pages":15,"pagesize":10},"DataListItems":[{"i":61,"k":"Good to go","v":"A slangy way to say ready."},{"i":62,"k":"Granular","v":"Instead of taking a granular look, look at the details."},{"i":63,"k":"Grow the business","v":"Unless you're a farmer, build the business."},{"i":64,"k":"Guesstimate","v":"Replace with rough estimate and reduce the odds of being taken for an idiot."},{"i":65,"k":"Guru","v":"If others describe you as a guru, people will be skeptical. If you describe yourself as a guru, people will laugh in your face."},{"i":66,"k":"Herding cats","v":"This phase describes the attempt to manage a group of difficult and\/or disagreeable individuals. Because herding cats is insulting to the individuals in question, the phrase should be used with care - especially if your cats are customers."},{"i":67,"k":"Holistic","v":"Comprehensive or complete is more straightforward."},{"i":68,"k":"Human capital","v":"Ironically, few pieces of business jargon are as dehumanizing as human capital. Much better to speak of employees, workers, laborers, workforce, crew or staff."},{"i":69,"k":"Ideation","v":"To ideate is to form ideas or concepts. The word is frequently used in a clinical (and rather ominous) context, such as suicidal ideation. In business, stick with phrases such as develop a strategy or brainstorming session."},{"i":70,"k":"Impact (as a verb)","v":"Grammatically correct options: have an impact on or have an effect on or simply affect."}]}