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Business Phrases - Jargon Fixes 15
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{"DataListFilter":{"items":150,"list":"businessjargon","page":15,"pages":15,"pagesize":10},"DataListItems":[{"i":141,"k":"Utilize","v":"Don't utilize something; use it."},{"i":142,"k":"Value-added","v":"Saying your product or service has \"value-added\" components doesn't tell anyone anything about what the value is or how the value is relevant; in other words, the phrase is meaningless. Reaching for this phrase means the time has come to point out product and service benefits."},{"i":143,"k":"Valued partner","v":"Beware of valued partner followed by but: You're a valued partner, but you've been selected for our vendor rationalization initiative. In general, valued is unnecessary; being a partner implies the other party values you."},{"i":144,"k":"Viral","v":"Few things in the world of marketing go viral. Most business mentions of this word mean four or five people tweeted your blog post."},{"i":145,"k":"White Paper","v":"Bad on two counts. First, it's pretentious: THE IVORY TOWER HAS SPOKEN! Second, it's too often used to describe a scrap of drivel rather than what it is supposed to be - an authoritative report."},{"i":146,"k":"Win-win","v":"Theoretically, it's a game where both parties win; the opposite of a zero-sum game. In business world reality, a win-win is a phrase the party that wins more uses to console the party that wins less. Better to avoid the whole concept and describe specifically what each party gains."},{"i":147,"k":"With all due respect","v":"Usually a prelude to an insult. This phrase is utterly delete-worthy."},{"i":148,"k":"World class","v":"A bold statement that should be used only to describe proven and widely accepted products, services, systems and organizations. Even then, it doesn't convey anything concrete. As with solutions, it is far more persuasive to describe the standout quality of the subject in question: Our customer service reps answer every call within one ring."},{"i":149,"k":"Wordsmith (as a verb)","v":"Don't wordsmith the sales copy; edit it."},{"i":150,"k":"Zero-sum game","v":"A game where one party wins and the other loses; the opposite of a win-win. Since not everyone knows this, a clearer (and powerful) way to describe it is winner take all."}]}