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Business Phrases - Jargon Fixes 14
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{"DataListFilter":{"items":150,"list":"businessjargon","page":14,"pages":15,"pagesize":10},"DataListItems":[{"i":131,"k":"Strike while the iron is hot","v":"See make hay while the sun shines."},{"i":132,"k":"Synergy","v":"When things synergize, they combine to have a greater impact than they can achieve on their own. Synergy is a useful business concept, but the word has been run into the ground. The key is to avoid synergy when you mean only collaboration, cooperation or consolidation."},{"i":133,"k":"Table stakes","v":"Table stakes are minimum requirements to engage in a particular business. Use minimum requirements instead."},{"i":134,"k":"Take strides","v":"A way of saying we're improving that implies you started from a poor position. If that's what you mean, fine."},{"i":135,"k":"Take to the next level","v":"A way of saying we're improving that implies you started from a strong position. If that's what you mean, fine."},{"i":136,"k":"Task (as a verb)","v":"Don't task someone; give him or her an assignment."},{"i":137,"k":"Thought leader","v":"See guru, ninja and rock star."},{"i":138,"k":"Touch base","v":"See reach out."},{"i":139,"k":"Traction","v":"In general business usage, when something gains traction, it begins to take hold or gather momentum. Either of these latter phrases conveys the idea more clearly than traction."},{"i":140,"k":"Unpack","v":"To unpack an idea is to examine it in detail. Unpack is becoming overused; better to stick with examine in detail."}]}