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Business Phrases - Jargon Fixes 13
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{"DataListFilter":{"items":150,"list":"businessjargon","page":13,"pages":15,"pagesize":10},"DataListItems":[{"i":121,"k":"Rock star","v":"See guru and ninja."},{"i":122,"k":"Rocket science","v":"See brain surgery."},{"i":123,"k":"Seamless","v":"See frictionless. Few things, if any, in business are seamless. Replace this word with something along the lines of easy to implement."},{"i":124,"k":"Secret sauce","v":"Your secret sauce is your competitive edge; something crucial you can do that your competitors cannot. Secret sauce trivializes a supremely important concept; replace the phrase with key benefit, unique benefit, unique advantage, etc."},{"i":125,"k":"Sense of urgency","v":"When I hear this bit of corporate-speak, I think the seller is just going through the motions of sounding concerned. I'd rather hear, we're deeply concerned, which is personal and direct, or we're working an extra 10 hours a week, which is specific. Or both."},{"i":126,"k":"Skin in the game","v":"A gruesome phrase you'd expect to hear from Hannibal Lecter. Stick with the professional and universally understood ownership interest."},{"i":127,"k":"Solutions","v":"For my money, the worst word in the world. When people hear solutions, they think, \"Here's a complicated product that will create more problems than it solves.\" Or, their minds simply go blank because they've heard the word a million times. Replace solutions with specific benefits; e.g., This product simplifies household budgeting."},{"i":128,"k":"Soup to nuts","v":"To avoid coming off like a buffoon, substitute comprehensive or complete."},{"i":129,"k":"State of the art","v":"This phrase used to be state of the art... but now lets customers know your product has jumped the shark (see jump the shark). Better to avoid superlatives and describe it as your latest model, or having the latest technology. "},{"i":130,"k":"Strategic plan","v":"Few companies have the stamina and expertise to create a genuine strategic plan. More often, the phrase is used to describe a strategic sketch, strategic guesswork or a tactical plan. Don't overinflate what you've created (and your ego) by calling these latter items a strategic plan."}]}