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{"DataListFilter":{"items":100,"list":"idioms","page":3,"pages":10,"pagesize":10},"DataListItems":[{"i":21,"k":"Break the ice","v":"to break social formality and to initiate conversation"},{"i":22,"k":"Buy a lemon","v":"to buy a car that constantly gives problems"},{"i":23,"k":"Call it a night","v":"to stop an activity for the rest of the night"},{"i":24,"k":"Catch 22","v":"a situation in which a desired outcome is impossible no matter what choice is made"},{"i":25,"k":"Caught between two stools","v":"when it is difficult to choose between two alternatives"},{"i":26,"k":"Come a long way","v":"make a lot of progress and improvemen"},{"i":27,"k":"Costs an arm and a leg","v":"to be very expensive"},{"i":28,"k":"Cut corners","v":"to do something in the fastest or cheapest way"},{"i":29,"k":"Cut it out!","v":"stop doing something bad"},{"i":30,"k":"Cut to the chase","v":"leave out unnecessary details and just get to the point"}]}