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{"DataListFilter":{"items":512,"list":"bee-adv","page":34,"pages":43,"pagesize":12},"DataListItems":[{"i":397,"k":"Subcutaneous","v":"means lying under the skin, as tissue. "},{"i":398,"k":"Submersible","v":"is that which is capable of being submerged. "},{"i":399,"k":"Suffrutescent","v":"is partially or slightly woody. "},{"i":400,"k":"Surcease","v":"is to cease from some action; desist. "},{"i":401,"k":"Surfeit","v":"means excess; an excessive amount. "},{"i":402,"k":"Suzerain","v":"is a state exercising political control over a dependent state. "},{"i":403,"k":"Svelte","v":"is gracefully slender; lithe. "},{"i":404,"k":"Sycamore","v":"is a North American tree. "},{"i":405,"k":"Sycophancy","v":"is self-seeking or servile flattery. "},{"i":406,"k":"Sylph","v":"is a slender, graceful woman or girl. "},{"i":407,"k":"Syncopate","v":"is to place accents on beats in music normally not accented. "},{"i":408,"k":"Tabasco","v":"is a trademark name for a condiment sauce. "}]}