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All quizzes are based on words from Spelling Bee competition.
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{"DataListFilter":{"items":499,"list":"bee-beg","page":24,"pages":42,"pagesize":12},"DataListItems":[{"i":277,"k":"Malleable","v":"is capable of being shaped by hammering or pressure. "},{"i":278,"k":"Manacle","v":"is a shackle for the hand; handcuffs. "},{"i":279,"k":"Mantel","v":"is a construction framing the opening of a fireplace. "},{"i":280,"k":"Margarine","v":"is a butter-like product made from refined vegetable oils. "},{"i":281,"k":"Marina","v":"is a boat basin offering dockage and other service for small craft. "},{"i":282,"k":"Maroon","v":"is a dark brownish-red. "},{"i":283,"k":"Marriage","v":"is the social institution under which a man and woman decide to live as husband and wife by legal commitments, religious ceremonies. "},{"i":284,"k":"Martial","v":"is inclined or disposed to war. "},{"i":285,"k":"Martyr","v":"is a person who suffers death rather than give up religion. "},{"i":286,"k":"Massacre","v":"is the unnecessary killing of human beings, as in a war. "},{"i":287,"k":"Mauve","v":"is a pale bluish purple. "},{"i":288,"k":"Mayonnaise","v":"is a thick dressing of different ingredients. "}]}