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All quizzes are based on words from Spelling Bee competition.
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{"DataListFilter":{"items":499,"list":"bee-beg","page":25,"pages":42,"pagesize":12},"DataListItems":[{"i":289,"k":"Maze","v":"is a confusing network of intercommunication paths or passages. "},{"i":290,"k":"Meager","v":"is deficient in quantity or quality. "},{"i":291,"k":"Mechanical","v":"is having to do with machinery. "},{"i":292,"k":"Mediocre","v":"is of only ordinary or moderate quality. "},{"i":293,"k":"Melancholy","v":"is a gloomy state of mind. "},{"i":294,"k":"Memoir","v":"is a record written by a person based on personal observation. "},{"i":295,"k":"Metaphor","v":"is a figure of speech in which a term is applied to something to which it isn't literally applicable, as in a mighty fortress is our god. "},{"i":296,"k":"Militia","v":"is a body of citizens enrolled for military service, and called out periodically for drill. "},{"i":297,"k":"Mirth","v":"is amusement or laughter. "},{"i":298,"k":"Miscellaneous","v":"is of mixed character. "},{"i":299,"k":"Mischievous","v":"is maliciously or playfully annoying. "},{"i":300,"k":"Miscue","v":"is a mistake. "}]}