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All quizzes are based on words from Spelling Bee competition.
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{"DataListFilter":{"items":499,"list":"bee-beg","page":33,"pages":42,"pagesize":12},"DataListItems":[{"i":385,"k":"Poise","v":"is composure. "},{"i":386,"k":"Policy","v":"is a definite course of action. "},{"i":387,"k":"Pollute","v":"is to make foul or unclear. "},{"i":388,"k":"Populace","v":"is the common people of a nation. "},{"i":389,"k":"Possess","v":"is to have as belonging to one; to own. "},{"i":390,"k":"Posterior","v":"is situated behind or at the rear of. "},{"i":391,"k":"Potency","v":"is power or authority. "},{"i":392,"k":"Precede","v":"is to go before. "},{"i":393,"k":"Precinct","v":"is a district marked out for governmental purposes, or police protection. "},{"i":394,"k":"Precious","v":"is of high price or great value. "},{"i":395,"k":"Principal","v":"is first or highest in rank or importance. "},{"i":396,"k":"Python","v":"is a big constricting snake. "}]}