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{"DataListFilter":{"items":492,"list":"bee-int","page":5,"pages":41,"pagesize":12},"DataListItems":[{"i":49,"k":"Cornucopia","v":"is the horn of plenty in mythology. "},{"i":50,"k":"Corruptible","v":"is that which can be corrupted. "},{"i":51,"k":"Crevasse","v":"is a fissure in ice or the earth. "},{"i":52,"k":"Croissant","v":"is a rich, buttery crescent-shaped roll. "},{"i":53,"k":"Curmudgeon","v":"is a bad-tempered, cantankerous person. "},{"i":54,"k":"Cynic","v":"is a person who believes in selfishness as prime motivation. "},{"i":55,"k":"Dachshund","v":"is a long, German dog. "},{"i":56,"k":"Decaffeinate","v":"is to extract caffeine from. "},{"i":57,"k":"Deliverance","v":"is an act or instance of delivering. "},{"i":58,"k":"Denouement","v":"is the final resolution of the intricacies of a plot. "},{"i":59,"k":"Diaphragm","v":"is a part of the human body. "},{"i":60,"k":"Dichotomy","v":"is division into two parts. "}]}