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{"DataListFilter":{"items":492,"list":"bee-int","page":6,"pages":41,"pagesize":12},"DataListItems":[{"i":61,"k":"Dietitian","v":"is a person who is an expert on nutrition. "},{"i":62,"k":"Diphthong","v":"is an unsegmented gliding speech sound "},{"i":63,"k":"Docile","v":"is easily handled or manageable. "},{"i":64,"k":"Echo","v":"is a repetition of sound produced by reflection of sound waves. "},{"i":65,"k":"Eclair","v":"is a finger-shaped creampuff. "},{"i":66,"k":"Eczema","v":"is an inflammatory condition of the skin. "},{"i":67,"k":"Effervescent","v":"is bubbling, vivacious or gay. "},{"i":68,"k":"Eloquence","v":"is using language with fluency and aptness. "},{"i":69,"k":"Encumbrance","v":"is something burdensome. "},{"i":70,"k":"Exquisite","v":"is of special beauty or charm. "},{"i":71,"k":"Extemporaneous","v":"is done without special preparation. "},{"i":72,"k":"Facsimile","v":"is an exact copy. "}]}