Functions of Nouns in sentences

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A Preposition is a word that shows location, movement, or direction. Common prepositions are of, on, to, in, near, below, beneath, beside, over, across, with, by, for, and under.

A preposition is always followed by a noun (or pronoun) called the Object of the preposition.

In the following examples, preposition is underlined and Object of the Preposition is shown in color.

  • This is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.
  • Today we talked about Shakespeare.
  • Mike was pointing to a glowing object beneath the sea.
  • Authorities have warned planes to avoid the airspace near the raging volcano.
  • I watch cars passing over the bridge, moving above the trees and houses.
  • Are those candies on the table for the kids?

Note that bjects of prepositions can have modifiers (raging volcano, the sea) or be compound (trees and houses)