The Subject tells who or what a sentence is about. It is a word (phrase or clause) that is doing or being something.

Usually, a subject is followed by a verb.

To find subject, ask the questions "Who?" or "What?" followed by the verb.

In the following examples, verb is underlined and Subject shown in color.

  1. The lonely wolf howled at the moon.
    - Who howled?
  2. Grammar is a difficult subject.
    - What is a difficult subject?
  3. If it were Monday, people would be at work.
    - Who would be at work?
  4. My brother, Sasha, is the best person in a world.
    - Who is the best person?
  5. Pencils always break before a test.
    - What breaks?
  6. People and dogs are excellent friends.
    - Who are excellent friends?
  7. In his twenties, Mike became a business owner.
    - Who became a business owner?
  8. Despite a disappointing turnout at yesterday's protest against rising car insurance costs, organisers said they “are not giving up”.
    - Who said?