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{"DataListFilter":{"items":150,"list":"businessjargon","page":10,"pages":15,"pagesize":10},"DataListItems":[{"i":91,"k":"Most unique","v":"Something is either unique or it isn't. If what you're describing is truly unique - a rarity indeed - by all means call it unique. More likely, you're looking for a word like special, rare, or extraordinary."},{"i":92,"k":"Move the needle","v":"This means to get meaningful or measurable results. Why not, then, say one or the other?"},{"i":93,"k":"My bad","v":"If you made a mistake, don't trivialize it by saying it was my bad - this only makes people think you're indifferent as well as incompetent. On the other hand, by saying I made a mistake, you'll earn respect."},{"i":94,"k":"Next steps","v":"This harmless-looking phrase escalates word count. Instead of, as a next step we will ... just say, next, we will."},{"i":95,"k":"Ninja","v":"See guru."},{"i":96,"k":"Offline","v":"Replace discuss offline with discuss privately."},{"i":97,"k":"One throat to choke","v":"This means you are the only place your client needs to go for answers. Don't give your client any ideas! Instead, simply say that you are fully accountable."},{"i":98,"k":"On the same page","v":"In the old days, we were singing from the same sheet of music. Now, we're on the same page. In any era, it's easier to simply say, we agree."},{"i":99,"k":"Open the kimono","v":"If you're sharing secrets or proprietary information, just share them and be done with it. There's no upside to bringing hidden body parts into the discussion."},{"i":100,"k":"Optimize","v":"This term is overused; whenever possible, replace with improve."}]}