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Business Phrases - Jargon Fixes 11
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{"DataListFilter":{"items":150,"list":"businessjargon","page":11,"pages":15,"pagesize":10},"DataListItems":[{"i":101,"k":"Out of pocket","v":"A tailor's inventory may be out of pocket. You're just busy."},{"i":102,"k":"Outside the box","v":"Ironically, using this tired phrase alerts people that you have no creativity whatsoever. Instead, talk about creative or imaginative thinking."},{"i":103,"k":"Pain point","v":"Replace with problem, challenge, frustration, difficulty or headache."},{"i":104,"k":"Paradigm shift","v":"If you say significant change or fundamental change, people will actually understand what you're talking about."},{"i":105,"k":"Pencil in","v":"You penciled me in: that means we're tentatively scheduled, right? Hmm ... maybe not. Maybe we're definitely scheduled but you didn't have access to your calendar. Maybe you should have said tentatively scheduled or definitely scheduled."},{"i":106,"k":"Preplan","v":"When people say preplan, they usually mean early-stage planning. Preplanning is something (I'm not really sure what) that people do before they start planning."},{"i":107,"k":"Preschedule","v":"See preplan."},{"i":108,"k":"Preso","v":"I stopped using this word when I realized nobody knew I meant slide presentation. It probably saved my job."},{"i":109,"k":"Price point","v":"For general business use, price is all you need."},{"i":110,"k":"Proactive","v":"When people are proactive they take the initiative. Doesn't take the initiative sound stronger and more like something a real person would say?"}]}